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Here’s what attendees are saying about Susan Borkin’s seminars:

“I really enjoyed this class. I feel enlightened—and I’ve never felt enlightened (or even used that word) before. Thank you so much for opening up all these options to deal with life. I feel as though I have such a great tool—and so many different ways to go about it."

Caitlin Draper, “When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes”

“One of the best instructors I’ve had in a long time.”

—J.M.B., “Writing to Heal”

“I am so excited and thrilled about this class. I can’t wait to tell people about it. It opens up new doors and wonderful possibilities for stretching your spirit.”

—Connie Thompson, “Introduction to the Personal Journal”

“This course offered me tools to help myself. There was a wide range of techniques offered… An excellent and helpful workshop.”

—Lauren “Arti” O’ Rourke, “Writing to Heal”

“I entered this class with apprehension and am leaving with a newfound confidence.”

—John Swartz, “Introduction to the Personal Journal”

Here’s what other instructors and course administrators are saying:

“I just read through the evaluations for “Introduction to the Personal Journal.” They are excellent! Several students mentioned the “safe” environment you establish, your sense of humor, and the natural flow of the material through the day. The evaluations reflect how well prepared and practiced you are—not only at journal writing, but at excellence in teaching. Bravo! “

—Judy Rose, UC-Extension, Santa Cruz

“Such music you create when you teach!”

—Kate Williams Browne, Canada College

Here’s what psychotherapy colleagues are saying:

“Clear, energetic, compact, crisp. Very innovative and vibrant.”

“Excellent. An inspiring presentation. Her passion for her work—her creativity—is evident. A wonderful way to end the conference.”

“A most wonderful workshop and it came at the very best time. Presenter was enthusiastic, respectful of the audience, and shared her experience happily. Well prepared and obviously knowledgeable in this area.”

“Wow! …Useful and creative. Maybe I can get my clients past writer’s block. A sparkler at the end of the day.”


  • Do you need a dynamic speaker for your group, organization or conference?

  • Do you need an experienced teacher who is passionate about her topic?

  • Do you want an interactive facilitator to ignite and energize your audience?

Susan Borkin is an accomplished and experienced presenter.

In California, throughout the United States and internationally she has presented at:

  • American Psychological Association – Santa Clara Valley
  • Association for Couples in Marriage Enrichment – Silicon Valley
  • California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists
  • California State University – San Francisco
  • De Anza College
  • EMDR International Association Annual Conferences
  • Foothill College
  • John F. Kennedy University
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Mission College
  • San Jose City College
  • Santa Clara University
  • Stepfamily Association of America Annual Conferences
  • University of California – Berkeley
  • University of California Extension – Santa Cruz
  • West Valley College
  • Writing & Wellness Connection Annual Conferences
If you are interested in finding out more about Susan Borkin’s availability to speak to your group, organization or conference, click here or contact Susan at 408.973.7877.

About Susan Borkin:

Susan Borkin, M.A. is a licensed psychotherapist, coach, author and speaker. She maintains a psychotherapy practice with a focus on creativity and authentic happiness. She integrates the use of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), hypnotherapy, gestalt therapy as well as writing as a part of the process of healing, growth & transformation.

In her coaching practice she works with stuck writers to address the emotional and psychological blocks encountered in the process of writing (i.e. Writer's block, fear, or trauma related to self-expression). For reluctant, new and aspiring writers as well as veteran writers who have gotten off track, she provides structure and support in writing basics and accountability.

Susan Borkin has taught personal growth journal writing since 1978 and is the author of When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes: The Healing Power of Writing and Writing From the Inside Out: Using a Journal for Personal Growth & Transformation.


Susan Borkin, M.A.
Licensed Psychotherapist, Writing & Creativity Coach
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